Together with Na_Ty studio we’ve developed one of the amitatics for the Seth & Riley’s Garage advertising campaign – which was just one of the options presented to the client. S&R’s Garage is a radler/shandy beer inspired by the 50’s lemonade made of freshly squeezed lemons. Our aim was to channel the 90’s esthetics in our clip through clothing, an older model of Ferrari and gadgets like Walkman, Discman and Boombox. We wanted to show how the central figure’s life changes after having a Garage. In the background we can see some friends coming up, a lemon-girl arrives and starts handing out beers, the party is about to get started.
Concept, artdirection: Na_Ty studio
Illustrations, animation: Anita Mowczan
Client: Na_Ty studio, Seth & Riley’s Garage

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