The Financial Ombudsman (Polish: Rzecznik Finansowy) was appointed by the Polish parliament to support clients in disputes with financial market entities. This institution helps in various ways: from counseling, through interventions and amicable proceedings, to support during court proceedings.
Together with the client, I worked on creating a Financial Ombudsman who would insulate the institution's image. We have prepared an explainer video showing what the institution works on and what is its scope of services.
The script for this video was written for us by the excellent lawyer Patrycja Jarus, and the Polish Radio Editor Wojciech Kusiak kindly helped us with the voice-over.
The video will be released soon on the web. Below are some snippets / gifs from the video’s final version.
Illustration, motion, storyboard: Anita Mowczan
Script: Patrycja Jarus
Voice over: Wojciech Kusiak (Polish Radio)

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