My name is Anita Mowczan. I'm a graphic & motion graphic designer. I’ve graduated from the University of Arts in Poznań in Poland, majored in fine arts of the Visual Communication & Art Education Faculty.
I went into graphic design because it offers a great opportunity to exercise the knowledge and skills I've acquired in other artistic fields - from sculpture, painting, filmproduction to photography. I love the fusion of handmade & digital, the contrast of old & modern aesthetics. The unique mix of the clean and sleek with the rough and imperfect is what I'm searching for in my work. And I'm passionate about simplicity and minimalism.
I'm always on the lookout for new solutions and inspirations, I get the most from interacting with people. I very often collaborate with young aspiring designers and artists which is always a great learning experience for all parties involved. I'm constantly trying to improve my workshop, be it on my own or reaching out to wonderful creative minds.
National Geographic- illustration- 1st prize
Timecode Action Animation- motion graphic- honorable mention from the Polish State Railways
Giffoni poster competition- 2nd jury prize
Medialab- infographic- 1st prize
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