Timecode Action Animation was the first competition in Poland for animation creators and motion designers who want to apply their projects in marketing communication. The project was initiated by the production house Timecode Film Production. There were 167 artists’ applications in the competition’s first edition. Their task was to create a video to one of six soundtracks using any animation technique.
I received honorable mention from one of the competition’s partners - Polish State Railways – and was offered a further collaboration. I was asked to prepare a video based on the one I’ve submitted, which will be released soon on the Internet and at all railway stations in Poland.
Tasks: illustration, motion, storyboard, research

Here are some gifs from the project I've submitted:
High-speed rail service (Polish: Kolej dużych prędkości) commenced in Poland on 14 December 2014, with the introduction of 20 non-tilting Pendolino trainsets operating on 4 designated lines radiating out from Warsaw. Polish state railways PKP launched the high-speed service under the Express Intercity Premium (EIP) brand name.
Here's Luxtorpeda- a famous Polish train, which ran on some of the most important rail routes of Poland in the 1930s. A Luxtorpeda consisted of a single, first-class only railcar, with its own internal combustionengine. Luxtorpedas looked like a hybrid between a limousine and a bus.
At the beginning of 1945, the Ministry of Transport was created, as well as the Regional Directorate of National Railways. In June, the rail connection with Warsaw was opened, using a temporary railway station made of warehouses which I drew here.

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